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Which senator of Mississippi stated that submission to the north 'would be intolerable to a proud people? Jefferson...
Against which constitution did Douglas stand that eventually alienated him from the South?
In which town was the Democratic convention of April 1860 held which Douglas disliked?
How many Southern delegates walked out after northern Democrats blocked a proposal to pledge to protect the rights of slaveholders in territories?
After 57 ballots went undecided where did the Democrat convention agree to convene in June?
When the convention convened in Baltimore, did the convention prefer to take pro-douglas southern delegates or pro-slavery?
At the Souths own convention which delegate did they elect on the platform of federally protecting slavery? Vice-President John .... of Kentucky
Breckenridge was supported by the last three democratic presidential candidates. Cass, Pierce and ?
How many of the Northern democrat senators also supported Breckenridge?
The petulant 'secession' of the Southern Democrats from the North is often seen as a ... rehearsal of the South's likely actions if the Republicans would win.
In which huge arena did the Republican convention take place in May 1860, Chicago?
Apart from higher protective tariffs and a northern trans-continental railway, how many acre homesteads did they plan to offer western settlers?
In which year was the election that Lincoln won?
Which previous governor of New-York was hinted to win the Republican nomination?
Other candidates than Seward included: Edward Bates, Simon Cameron and Salmon ...
Which subsection of the republican party feared chase becoming nominated?
In which year were the Lincoln-Douglas debates?
From which key State did Lincoln come from?
How many votes did Seward initially get?
How many votes did Lincoln initially get?
As a result of Lincoln gaining votes due to other candidates dropping out, by which ballot was he ahead of Seward?
Which candidate did the Constitutional Unionist Party nominate as Candidate?
Which state did Bell come from?
Reflecting the slave power notion carried by the Southern Democrats, what did northern republicans famously carry in support of Lincoln?
How many votes were needed at the Republican convention to get a majority?
How many percent of the electorate voted in November?
Bell won 539,000 votes and won 39% of the Southern vote. What percent of the free state vote did he get?
Breckenridge won 843,000 of the Southern votes (45%) and 5% of northern vote. How many out of the 15 southern states did he carry?
Douglas won 1,383,000 votes but only carried how many states?
With 1,866,000 votes for Lincoln, what percentage of the total vote was it?
In how many states did Lincoln not even get a vote?
In June 1860 a Republican investigation found corruption within Buchanan's government giving lincoln the name '... Abe'
Had lincoln promised he would or wouldnt intefere with slavery in states where it existed?
Apart from the judiciary which other part of government did the republican party not control?
Secession would mean abandoning whicht enforceable act?
Which group of Southern politicians (previously on the fringe of politics) now capitalised on mass southern hysteria?
Who did self sufficient farmers usually end up having tensions with in the South?
Which crisis of 1832 showed that acting alone as a state could be dangerous?
What were southerners more loyal towards than the 'South'?
In which month of 1860 did South Carolina seceed?
What vote to 0 did South Carolina vote in favour of Secession?
What was the term used for people who weren't immediate secessionists?
In Mississippi. There were 12,000 unkown votes, 12,000 cooperationist votes and how many secessionist votes?
On January 9 1861 what as the vote of secession to 15 staying in the Union?
Florida voted secession ... to 7
Alabama voted secession ... to 39
Georgia voted secession ... to 89
Louisiana voted secession ... to 17
Texas voted secession ... to 8
Which Governor tried to delay secession voting in Texas?
Republicans saw Southern secession as a continuation of ...
Which was the only state that seceeded to hold a referendum?
Northerners believed that seceeded states were...
Southerners thought that Northern States would not ... them.
Border states were confident that a ... could be reached.
Where did the delegates of the seceeded states meet in February 1861 to form the Confederate government?
Out of the 50 delegates present, how many were slaveholders?
How many owned at least more than 20 slaves?
60% had previously been...
40% had previously been...
Most at Montgomery were 'co-operationists'. Fire-eaters were distinctly ... represented.
Who was appointed confederate President?
And which cooperationist was appointed vice President?
The seven states of the Original confederacy only compromised how many percent of the US population?
How many percent of the Upper South's population was black?
The Crittenden proposals outlined that Washington could not ban slavery and could not intefere with the inter-... slave trade,
To which ocean did the Crittenden proposal want to extend the 3630 compromise line?
The Crittenden proposals also outlined that Congress could not interfere with slavery in states where it already...
In which month of 1861 was the Virgina Peace Conference?
How many delegates attended?
Did the Confederacy send delegates?
In Lincoln's cabinet how many had been competitors for the 1860 Republican Election?
Which position did Seward obtain?
Which position did Chase obtain?
The appointment of Caleb Smith from Indiana Simon Cameron from Pennsylvania were seen as ... appointments.
What type of threat made Lincoln sneak into Washington unseen?
Name the Fort which sparked the Civil War.
Name the other Fort off the coast of Florida in Pensacola
Who led the troops at Sumter?
Which president sent a ship to resupply Sumter when the boat was shot at in January 1861?
How many weeks left of food did Sumter have?
Who advised Lincoln on what to do next?
In which port was Sumter situated?
Did Lincoln want to re-supply or reinfore Sumter?
Lincoln Wrote a letter to the governor of which state confirming the ships would re-supply Sumter?
Name the General who Davis commanded should destroy Sumter if it was not evacuated before re-supply.
How many hours did conflict go on for?
How many shots were fired in total?
By the Confederate battery?
By Fort Sumter?
How many were killed at Sumter?
Troops were allowed to evacuate Sumter with ... flying.
How many turned up to a Pro - Union rally in New York?
What did Lincoln issue to rally 75,000 troops for 90 days?
How many Confederate troops were called?
Who ordered the blockade of the Union?
Which state was seen as crucial to the Souths survival in the second wave of secession?
Which city in Virgina became the South's new capital?
Name one of the other three states which seceeded.
Which new state was formed which seceeded from Virgina?
Name one of the other four slave states which did not seceed.

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