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Previously 91, how many free state seats did the Democrats now have in the 1854 mid term elections?
Previously 67, how many slave state seats did the Democrats have in the 1854 mid term elections?
However, which party collapsed over the remaining few years?
Between 1845 and 54 how many immigrants entered the US?
Irish Catholics were escaping from what?
What type of plot did Nativists fear was going to ruin democracy with Irish immigrants?
Between 1850 and 1854 the number of Catholic Priests, Bishops and churches nearly ...
Similarly German immigrants were feared as they were known to excessively brew...
What party did most of the immigrants vote for?
What type of stance did the Whigs try and adopt during the 1852 elections? Pro...
Did this fail or succeed?
This fear of immigration and Catholicism sparked the ... movement.
This was originally an offshoot from the...
When was this original movement formed?
Know Nothings pledged to vote for no one except native born...
In what year were the Know Nothings taking on characteristics of a political party?
Apart from being Anti-Catholic it was also seen as anti-...
By 1854 the Know Nothings had how many members?
How many New England states did it win in 1854?
By 1855 the Know Nothings had become the ... party
Name the other party which began to emerge 1854-55 which rivaled the Know Nothings?
As the Know Nothings were strongest in New England, where were the Republicans strongest?
Who was seen as the Northern advocate of defending Kansas?
Who was seen as the Southern advocate of defending Kansas?
How many people did the Massachusetts Emigrant Aid Company sponsor to settle in Kansas?
Name the Association which Atchison formed to counter this.
In what year did Kansas elect its first territorial legislature?
Who Government was formed as a reuslt of this?
What free state government was set up in defense?
State the Name that Kansas was given as a result of the acts of 1856?
What town did a pro-slavery posse sack?
How many free soilers were actually killed?
Where did John Brown take out his murdering of 5 pro slavery settlers?
Who did Pierce appoint to try and patch up grievances?
One aspect of American Party failure was the ... in immigration since the 1850's.
One aspect of American Party failure was that many of its legislature's ... in Congress.
One aspect of American Party failure was that many members... the secretive side of it.
One aspect of American Party failure was it attracted to many 'Old...' politicians.
In the struggle for North and South speakership in the American Party, which Republican was elected?
When did the Republicans hold their first national convention?
Slave Power Conspiracy was considered to be an 'article of...' to most Republicans.
Which Senator was attacked in 1856?
Who attacked him?
Sumner was now seen as a ... to Northerners.
Southerners were so supportive of Brooks that they sent him new...
Who did the American Party elect as candidate in the 1856 presidential election?
What new splinter party seperated from the American Party after a call to repeal the Kansas/Nebraska act.
Who did the Republicans elect as candidate in the 1856 presidential election
Name one of the two other candidates who were running for the same spot.
An ex Democrat and ex Know Nothing, Fremont was chosen due to his popularity. He held the unofficial title of 'Conqueror of ...'
The Republican platform now seeked to ban Slavery and...
Which outgoing Democrat president was seen as ultimately unpopular?
Which Democrat had been seriously tarnished over Kansas-Nebraska in his bid to
Who did the Democrats elect as candidate in the 1856 presidential election?
What Key battleground state did he come from?
How many southern states did Buchanan not win?
Which houses of Congress were dominated by Democrats in 1856?
How many of Buchanan's cabinet were slave owners?
Name the case of 1857
The issue was that he claimed freedom having been in which free territory?
In which address did Buchanan refer to the case?
The Case decided that Scott and Black Americans did not have the same ... as american citizens.
The Case decided that Scott and Black Americans did not make him ...
The Case decided that the Missouri Line and the ban on slavery in territories was...
Although the case outraged abolitionists, the Missouri Law had been broken since the...
What did the Northern US industry suffer in 1857?
Geary resigned in March 1857 after telling Buchanan to not ... the pro slavers in Kansas.
Who did Buchanan now appoint?
After Lecompton created a constituition how many of the 9000 people actually voted?
Free staters refused to vote stating that the election would be...
What system did the pro-slavers now mock?
Walker then investigated claims of ... by free-staters.
One village in particular had 30 eligible votes bu returned more than ... pro slavery votes
Which Ultimatum was now rung across southern states?
Urged on by this, did Buchanan accept or refuse Walker's verdict on this?
In the final Lecompton vote, what did most free-staters do?
When the Lecompton constituition was finally passed, which key Northern Democrat spoke out against Buchanan?
What did Southern Democrats brand Douglas as?
What did Buchanan use to try and pass the Lecompton constitution through congress?
Which House did it initially pass through?
When did the new elections take place after the constitution failed in Congress.
Which faction won? Free-staters or pro-slavers?
In which state were the Lincoln-Douglas debates?
Who was Lincoln's Whig Hero?
What Doctrine did Lincoln have?
What was Douglas' doctrine which alienated many Southerners?
Where did John Brown raid in 1859?
Whose financial support did he gain?
What were his main financial supporters called?
What did Brown aim to seize?
Who led the counterattack against Brown?
What bells were rung on his day of death?
As a result of this what patrols were set up in Southern states?

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