AS History A: 2 - Problem of Western Expansion

Can you name the AS History A: 2 - Problem of Western Expansion?

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In the Missouri Compromise what Free state was admitted?
The Compromise also agreed that there would be no slavery in the Louisiana Purchase...
What was the line of slavery? 36'...
Roughly how many Americans were in Texas in 1835?
In which year did Texas win independence from Mexico?
And roughly how many Mexicans?
Name the General who crushed an independance movement in March 1836.
How many Texans were killed?
Who lead the Texans at the battle of San Jacinto in 1836?
Texas was believed to be so large that it could be divided into how many states?
Name one of the two successive Presidents that put off the issue of Texan annexation.
Name one of the two candidates in the 1844 Presidential Election.
What year was the Missouri Compromise?
However who was the actual outgoing president who dealt with the Issue?
Name one of the two areas which Polk wished to annex.
Name the Democrat journalist who coined the term 'Manifest Destiny' in 1845. James O'...
Roughly how many millions of Dollars were owed to Texans by Mexicans for damage to property?
In which year did Texas join the US?
Who did Polk send in 1845 to Mexico to offer $30 Million for the new territories?
To which River did Polk send troops to try and provoke war?
How many US soldiers were injured or killed when the Mexicans broke fire?
Name the later important Colonel who went on to become first Republican Candidate?
Name one of the two War heroes that came out of the War.
How many US soldiers died in the War?
When was the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?
Name one of the two areas that the US gained from the treaty?
How much did the US agree to pay Mexico?
How much did the US pay to American citizens to wipe Mexico's debt?
Was Polk happy or unhappy with the treaty?
Who introduced a Provision in 1846 trying to ban slavery from new territories?
Which House of Congress did the Proviso initially Pass but then fail in the next?
Which important southern figure introduced a doctrine in 1847 saying congress had no right to interfere with slavery in territories?
Which later president was a great advocate of extending the 36'30 line?
Name the compromise idea which let territories decide upon the issue.
Name the two important figures who created this idea.
Popular Sovereignty however met some difficulties. It presumed Congress did not have the ... to interfere with territories.
It also encountered problems in ... the territory should decide on slavery.
In the 1848 Election who was the Democrats choice?
In the 1848 Election who was the Whigs Choice?
In the 1848 Election the Free Soil Party was formed, who did they choose?
Although the Whigs won, how many votes did Van Buren get?
How many slave states (out of 15) did Taylor carry?
How many of the free states (out of 15) did Taylor carry?
Name the Address that Calhoun published when Congress met in December 1848
This however failed as most Southerner's put their trust in the newly appointed....
About a third of slave state members signed Calhoun's address, how many was that?
What Key event in 1848 meant that thousands of people flooded into California?
What religious sect had settled in Salt Lake City Utah in this same period of 1848-49?
Whose advice did Taylor specifically shun?
Whose advice did he prefer to?
In the interim of Congress meeting between March and December Taylor ... the territories to apply for statehood.
Which state did New Mexico have boundary issues with?
In which town was it agreed to meet after a Call to slave states to attend a convention in June 1850?
Which state called for this convention?
During the Congress meeting in Dec 1849, Southerners claimed that Northerners were flouting what law?
During the Congress meeting in Dec 1849, Northerners objected to the fact slavery was still allowed in...
Who offered the 1850 Compromise?
Which territory was to be admitted as a free state?
Which territories were to have no mention of sla
Slave trading but not ... was to end in Washington
The Fugitive Slave Act would become more or less stringent?
Texas was expected to seceed the land to New Mexico and in return Congress would assume how much of the debt that Texas owed?
Clay's proposals were seen to be rolled into a single ... bill.
Calhoun sent which Senator of Virginia to read his threat of secession speech?
Which Northern Whig spoke against the Compromise but was denounced by abolitionists?
How many slave state members did not attend the Nashville convention?
Who died in July?
Which Vice-President now assumed role of Executive?
Who helped to strip apart the Compromise into individual parts?
Although Douglas and many other historians hailed it as a success, David Potter claimed it more of an ...
Who was seen to have benefitted more from the Compromise, considering the side only gave one concession.
What events were held to celebrate the passage of the bill?
What were federal marshals now allowed to raise under the bill?
What was the amount that they could fine if people refused to join?
Who did a mob try and free in 1854 after killing a guard?
How many states passed personal liberty laws in the 1850's to try and block this act?
What Book was published in 1851?
Who wrote it?
How many did it sell in 1852?
How many had it sold up to 1861?
Which party did well in the 1850 mid term elections?
Which small party formed in 1848 mainly returned to the Democrat fold in 1852 as a result of Van Buren?
Who did the Democrats choose as leader?
Who did the Northern Whigs wish to see as leader?
Who did the Southern Whigs wish to see as leader?
Who did they eventually decide on?
Who did the diminished Free Soil Party elect as leader?
Who won, eh? Who won?
How many percent of the southern states did Scott win in comparison to Taylor's 50%?
Which two important Whigs died in 1852?
To which Island did Pierce hope the US could expand to?
How many square miles was initally planned in the Gasden Purchase of 1853?
How many were eventually bought?
What was hoped could be built? A trans pacific...
How many miles were slashed before it was passed through Senate?
What did Pierce sponsor in 1851 to gain Cuba?
Who took this even further and raised an expedition of several thousand volunteers?
Which Spanish Ambassador did Pierce order to offer 130Million for Cuba?
Name the manifesto which Pierce authorised which included Spanish (Soule) Britain (Buchanan) and France (Mason) Ambassadors.
Who introduced the Kansas-Nebraska Bill?
What idea did Douglas initially propose to offer some sort of oppurtunity against the Missouri Compromise?
Which Senator of Missouri pushed for further Southern appeasement?
What new territory did Douglas have to agree to?
In which city did Douglas have equity investments (housing)?
What did Douglas hope could be built as a result of the bill?
Who famously wrote the pamphlet 'The Appeal of the Independent Democrats in Congress to the People of the United States'?
Abolitionists saw the bill as a continuation of...
Southerners led a counter attack and suddenly saw the bill as a symbol of Southern...
Pierce enforced the Democrats vote for it, making it a test of party...
The voting was sectional, how many percent of the South voted for?
Taking into consideration Pierce's influence in Democrats, how many Northerners voted against?
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