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Forced Order
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When did the Founding Fathers draw up the constituition?
When was the Cotton Gin invented?
How many senators where there per state?
What is the House of Representatives based on?
Another name for Congress is...
Another name for President is...
Another name for Supreme Court is...
Who appoints the Judiciary?
What was the most controversial Supreme Court ruling in this period?
Generally Democrats wanted Tariffs...
Generally Whigs wanted Tariffs...
What was the main dominant party in Congress between 1840 and 1854?
What effective personal technique did Buchanan try and use to ensure voting for the Lecompton instituition?
Historian David Potter once described the Americans as ...
Between 1840 and 1860 the US population almost...
Name the process of German and Irish settlers moving to the US.
Roughly how many immigrants came between 1830-60?
Between 1840 and 1860 how many times over did food production increase?
Between 1840 how many times over did the amount of railway track increase?
In 1860 America had more railway track than the rest of the... combined.
Which revolution also helped to drive this?
Fewer than ... in ten people lived in towns (
In 1860 this number changed to one in ...
Historians sometimes stereotype the South as...
Historians sometimes stereotype the North as
How many Northern companies actually employed more than 50,000 people?
In which State were the Richmond Iron Works, the fourth largest industrial company in the US?
In 1860 how much did the Northern 10 percent own of Northern Wealth?
What percentage of people in the South did not actually own slaves?
In 1860 how great a percent of people in Southern states were in Agriculture?
In 1860 how great a percent of people in Southern states were in Agriculture?
What was the Tariff called that many Southerners resented?
When was this introduced?
Which particular Southern figure resented this?
When did Congress pass an Ordinance to keep slavery out of the North West territory?
In what year did Congress ban the slave trade with Africa?
What was the Southerner scheme of Cotton and Slavery called by Northerners?
When did the 'Colonization' movement begin?
Which country did the US purchase in 1822?
Name the leading Abolitionist in the 1830's.
Name the successful journal he published in 1831.
Which society was formed in 1833?
Who led an slave uprising in 1831?
Name one of the two most famous freed slaves?
When did Britain abolish the slave trade?
What evangelical movement in the early 19th century led to Americans battling moral sin?
Who became the first abolitionist martyr in 1837?
Which abolitionist party was set up in 1840?
In which single state did Slaves outnumber Whites?
In 1860 how many slaves were there in Southern States?
Which book was published by Hilton Helper in 1857?

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