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Can you name the Season 1 Spongebob Episodes?

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Port and starboard attachments. And turbodrive.
Nice yard, Squidward.
When in doubt, pinky out!
Bring it arouuuuund town!
Now she won't even spare a passing glance.
Squidward's best day ever.
He'll do anything for the formula!
And Patrick is a dirty, stinking, rotten friend-stealer!
Moss ALWAYS points towards civilization!
Those darned nematodes.
'This'll cheer you up, we're almost finished painting your invisible boatmobile.'
It's like riding a bike... you never forget. Er.
Spongebob plus responsibility. Oh, jeez...
Spongebob is the only guy who can have fun with a jellyfish... for twelve hours.
In which Sandy goes to the moon.
Spongebob's trek into the wild.
It's not NOT an episode about opposites.
In which Gary's poetry moves us all.
F is for friends who... oh, come on, you should know this one.
Check out his abs.
Squidward goes to the great beyond.
The prom episode.
Twenty-six times.
The Halloween episode.
Snail plasma!
EVERYTHING is chrome in the future!
In which bologna is chopped mercilessly.
Don't leave the fridge open.
In which Spongebob and Patrick act way too couplelike.
No matter how much I beg and cry, don't give it back to me, EVER!
A treasure hunt?!
Glove world.
Hoorah for barby Q's and peas-in-a-can pies.
Be aggressive!
In which Squidward's sense of humor is totally underappreciated.
In which Patrick's head is on his butt.
Spongebob and Patrick go hook-diving.
The Dirty Bubble's intro ep!

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