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QUIZ: AP Envi Sci Chapter 4: Biodiversity and Evolution

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The number of different species in an area
The number of individuals in a species
Large islands close to the mainland have _____ migration rates (high or low)
Large islands close to the mainland have ______ extinction rates
What evolves, genes, individuals, or species?
The mechanism behind evolution, as proposed by Charles Darwin
Random changes in the structure/number of DNA molecules
The process by which new species evolve from old species
When an entire species ceases to exist
There have been predicted to be this many mass extinctions in the past 500 million years
The role a species plays in its ecosytem
A species that has a broad niche with the ability to survive in many environments
A species that has a narrow niche that can only survive in a specific environment
A species that provides early warnings of damage to an ecosystem
A species that has a large effect on the types and abundances of other species in an ecosystem
A species, essential to it's ecosystem, that benefits other species
For every ____ that kills a human, we kill one million of this animal
Fossils represent ___% of all species that have ever lived
____ plates drift on the planets mantle, changing the shapes of continents
A cockroach would be a (specialist/generalist) because it can survive in almost any environment

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