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AP Envi Sci Chapter 5: Species Interactions

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Forced Order
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When members of multiple species interact for the same limited resources (food, light, etc)
When a member of one species feed directly on a member of another species
When one organism feeds on the body of or the energy used by another organism (a host)
An interaction that benefits both species
An interaction that benefits one species but has no effect on the other
How many moths can a grizzly bear eat in one day? (400, 4,000, 40,000, 400,000)
This defense mechanism is when an organism looks like a member of another, more poisonous species
Species whose niches overlap evolve to use different resources, known as ______
This is the maximum population a habitat can sustain indefinitely
a (k/r) selected species is characterized by being small, having a short life span, and having little parental care
a (k/r) selected species is characterized by being large, living longer, and having much parental care
In this kind of population pattern, a population explodes in number and then crashes
In this kind if population pattern, a population size has no recurring pattern
The gradual change in species composition in a given area is called ________
This kind of succession begins with no soil or sediment
The point where an ecosystem has experienced such stress it irreversibly collapses
When a population grows beyond its carrying capacity
This defense mechanism involves blending into ones surroundings for protection
The ____ effect is when a population is dramatically diminished after a catastrophe which leads to an diminished gene pool
The first species to arrive in ecological succession in the ____ species

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