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QUIZ: Can you name the facts about Tim Tebow?

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Tebow was born on August 14, 1987, in this country
Despite being home schooled, Tebow played QB for this Florida high school
Tebow was recruited to the University of Florida in 2006 by this head coach
Tebow saw significant playing time as a Freshman but predominately backed up this Senior QB
The name of the short yardage play Tebow used for a TD against LSU in 2006 and Oklahoma in 2008
Tebow passed and rushed for a TD in the 2007 BCS National Championship against this team
In 2007, Tebow became the first Sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy. Name one of the other 3 finalists
Tebow gave an emotional speech now immortalized on a plaque at UF following a surprising home loss to this team early in 2008
In a 2008 game against Georgia, Tebow broke Florida's career rushing TD record which was held by this Hall of Famer
Tebow received the most 1st place votes for the 2008 Heisman but finished 3rd behind these two Big 12 QB's
Tebow's 2008 season culminated in his 2nd National Championship with the final two wins coming against these teams
In a 2009 game against Georgia, Tebow broke this Georgia RB's SEC career record for rushing touchdowns with his 51st
Tebow's final collegiate game was a Sugar Bowl victory over this team
In 2010, the NCAA adopted what became known as the 'Tebow Rule' which banned messages on this during games
Tebow appeared in a commercial during Super Bowl XLIV concerning this political issue
Tebow was drafted to the Broncos 25th overall in 2010 by this head coach
Tebow's first NFL start came against this team on December 19, 2010
Tebow's first win came a week later against this team
Tebow began the 2011 season backing up this quarterback
Tebow took the starting job in 2011 after halftime against this team in Week 5
In his first 2011 start, Tebow rallied the Broncos to a win over the Dolphins after trailing by this many points with 3 minutes to play
Tebow completed this many passes in a Week 10 victory at Kansas City
Name of the 2011 fad where a person strikes Tebow's on-field prayer pose
Tebow won his first playoff game in 2012 against the Steelers with an 80 yard Overtime TD pass to this receiver
Tebow finished the Steelers playoff game with this many passing yards, which many people found to be ironic because of his Christian faith

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