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Can you name the Premier League Trivia from the 2013/14 season

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Which team had the highest goal difference?
Which team had the lowest goal difference?
Which team conceded the fewest goals?
Which team conceded more than 2 goals per game (on average)?
Name the two teams that scored over 100 goals in this season
Name the top scorer in the league from this season
How many managers left their position by the end of the season?
Which team spent the most days at the top of the table? (128)
Which player had the most assists this season?
Which team took only 9 points away from home?
Which team was the only team not to score within the first 15 minutes?
Which team hit the post 27 times this season? (more than any other team)
Who was the only Englishman to score a hat-trick this season?
Which team was the only team to beat Arsenal at the Emirates this season?
Which manager has now beaten Arsenal with four different clubs?
Which defender scored 4 own goals this season?
Which player became the second person in Premier Legaue history to score in 8 consecutive matches this season?
Which defender has now taken 13 Premier League penalties and has scored all of them?
Which team had the highest amount of different goalscorers this season (18)?
Which player has now played against 45 Premier League teams?
Which player received the most red cards this season? (3)
Which player received the most yellow cards this season? (11)
Which nation's footballers scored 37 of Newcastle's 43 goals?
Who became the first Welshman ever to win the Manager of the Season award?

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