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Who destroys the ring?
is the nephew of
who travelled with the wizard
who gave the secret door key to
who wanted the arkenstone from
who was killed by
who started an alliance with king
whose son is called
who, in the Desolation of Smaug saw the locket of
who was the father of
who was given hair by
who had 'nothing greater to give' to
who was seen as a brother by
whose father was
whose father was
whose OTHER grandson was
who marries
whose uncle was
whose son was
whose male cousin was
who was banished by
who works for
who captures the two hobbits, ...
before they are rescued by
whose name begins with the same letter as this red-haired elf
who develops feelings for
whose brother was
who, at the Unexpected Party, saw the brute
who was the brother of
whose tomb lies in
where a spear is thrust by a
which was an attempt to kill

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