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Name Daenerys Stormborn's brothers
What was the nickname of her father?
Name all three of her dragons
Name Theon's father
Name Theon's sister (tv show answer acceptable)
Name Eddard's sister
Name Catelyn's sister
Name Catelyn's nephew
Name Eddard's brothers
True name of The Hound?
True name of The Mountain?
The Spider's true name?
To whom did Catelyn and her sister lose their maidenhood?
Name of Jorah's father?
Home of the Mormonts? (... Island)
Name Bran's three human travelling companions beyond the Wall (Oldest to youngest)
Who is the wildling that is keeping Rickon safe?
Name the sword which Brienne receives from Jaime
Name the sword which Joffrey receives at the Purple Wedding
Name Robb Stark's wife (tv or book)
Name of Oberyn Martell's paramour
Name of Oberyn's brother
Margaery's father's name?
Name of Margaery's grandmother
Nickname of Margaery's grandmother
Name of Catelyn's brother
Name of Sansa's direwolf
Name of Stannis' daughter
In what animal's likeness was Gendry's helmet
Sigil of Roose Bolton

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