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QUIZ: Can you name these federal laws by their abbrevation?

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AcronymLawYear Enacted/Description
SSA1935, establishes a support network for Americans over age 65, later expanded to include health benefits for the elderly and poor
HSA2002, enacted after 9/11 attacks, creates a Cabinet department to oversee certain national security operations and emergency preparedness
FLSA1938, creates rules for employee protection and sets minimum wage
PPACA/ACA2010, requires most Americans to have health insurance and sets up Federal health care exchanges
FISA1978, allows wiretapping/spying of overseas countries and sets up a secretive court to issue warrants
VAWA1994, provides resources to combat aggression toward females
NLRA1935, establishes standards for labor unions, contracts, collective bargaining, and creates a Board for hearing disputes
AcronymLawYear Enacted/Description
NDAAPassed each year to oversee military activity
PHSA1942, oversees certain activities of government agencies providing support/research for various diseases
IGA1978, creates an independent office in various government agencies to audit activities and reduce fraud
ADA1990, requires public accessibility of most locations for persons with physical handicaps
FFDCA1938, created an agency which oversees standards for safety and approval of medications, and ensuring quality in dietary substances production
FMLA1993, requires employers to provide paid time off for certain medical issues or in the case of a new child

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