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who is Holly married to?
who has the nick name monkey?
who has bad breath all the time?
who talks with a british accent?
who got pregnant with three kids then sold them?
who watches nevra when she is changing?
who is the boyfriend stealer?
who calls the kids 'hun' all the time?
who did Zach kiss then faint?
who is the queen of the wannabees?
who is scared of Braiden?
who got neveah pregnant?
what did Jaylene get Toby for christmas?
who is the only religious one of the group?
who was a hobo before she met the group?
who wears ALOT of make-up?
what was Holly called when she got slushied at the school?
who gets drunck all the time?
who dates all the girls?
who is a 'chick magnet'?
who tried to straighten her hair but burnt it off?
who is obsessed with eitan?
who is neveah's twin sister?
who is the pirate with the red hair?
who's real name is Cleopatra?
who went as Holly for the halloween party?
who claims hes never going to get married?
who's the dingiest of them all?
who 'did it' with Dylan?
who got a divorce with anna?

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