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Can you name the pretty little liars season three finale facts?

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Who comes back to the police department?
who said this line: And you're beautiful
what does caleb say after he says thats a very pretty dress....
Who is jason talking to in his house?
which liar doesn't get a doll untill later in the episode?
who screams i love you! in the police station but the person that they were saying it to didn't respond?
who said this line: cute dress
who does A meet at the end of the episode?
what does garrett give jenna and tells her to burn it?
which liar gets a text message that read: she's running out of breath...
when aria pulls the string on her doll what does it say?
which liar passes out?
who says this line: she means that it was easy for A to kill someone.
which liar's doll says keep toby safe?

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