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who died in the song Run Joey Run?
Who was Tina's first boyfriend?
who was made fun of because of his mouth?
who is dating Blaine?
where did new directions go for nationals?
what is the song that kurt and rachel sing for the solo?
who got Quinn pregnant?
who is in love with brittany?
who still believes in santa?
who 'cant sing' but is still in glee club
who kissed kurt in the boys lockeroom out of surprise
who sang bust your windows?
who has OCD?
who is the glee teacher?
who faked their pregnancy?
who did mike sing with in the episode 'Duets'?
who shoves people to the walls when she gets angry?
who's sue's helper?
what is Quinn's baby's name?
who died in season 2?
what song did new directions sing down the aisle at the wedding?

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