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dragon kings! dying queens! where is salvation now?
coming back, coming back. we'll live forever, live forever. lets have a wedding, have a wedding. lets start the killing, start the killing!
i really dont mind what happens now and then. as long as you'll be my friend at the end.
what do you mean i aint kind? just not your kind
rapid heartbeat pounding through my chest. agitated body in distress
now i got the cops comin after me. custom built bike doin 103.
I hate all of the hobos, always begging for change. i dont like how i gotta work, and they just sit around and get paid.
im like a lazer, six string razor, i got a mouth like an aligator.
a bad girl, smokin in school, breakin the rules, actin real cool
its just another war. just another family torn

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