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Anachronism Movie
When Maximus rolls fighting tigers a modern pair of shorts is visible
When Indy travels to Nepal, Thailand is on the map even when this country was called Siam
When Vito is shot, one gunman is holding a weapon not produced until 1958
Both the title character and Salieri are shown conducting in the modern style, which wasn't popular for another century
While Jake and Evelyn exit the nursing home, cars from the 1970s can be seen.
The girl killed with a knife taped to a trombone is based on a real girl but she played saxophone
The Crisco can Minnie uses has a modern design and not the accurate 1960s one
Anachronism Movie
Wladyslaw plays a Steinway piano with a logo not used until the 1990s
Bertie's kilt is a modern plaid design not made until 1997
The wristwatch Turing wears wasn't invented until 1957
Although set in 1941 hip hop graffiti is visible when Jake follows Joey into a parking garage
When Willard eats a Hershey bar a UPC code is visible, which wasn't on wrappers until 1976
The motorcycle Hilts uses to escape was from the 60s, two decades after the movies events
In the fireplace scene a female SS officer is seen even though 1930s Germany didn't have women in officer roles

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