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New art movement pioneered by Picasso
He was the first Prime Minister of the U.K
This was a Victorian movement to return to the teachings of the church
This is a modernist movement that uses many allusions
This act required Members of Parliments to take Anglican Communion
What is the government system in which the monarchy has severely limited powers
The last outbreak of this disease happened in 1664-65
This is the regional speech and speech patterns
The collective name of authors disillusioned by World War One
This literary period came after WW1 and touched on taboo subjects
What revolution caused European leaders to be incredibly nervous about maintaining power
Social policy of survival of the fittest
This art movement said that the art was in the process and not the product
James Boswell wrote a biased one of these about Samuel Johnson
These early 1800s wars broke Britain
Argument for imperialism: It was the 'White man's ________' to save savages
This policy states that everything is publicly owned and has complete government intervention
This group was founded by Dante Gabriel Rosetti
What policy called for some government intervention to protect the weak
What do you call a poem written in the style of an epic but about a trivial matter
The time period the novel was at its most popular
In Victorian times parliament argued two major issues, name one
What war got Britain part of India
This is the use of common images and languages to further communication
This act unified England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland
Slur against Catolics and supporters of James II
A literary term when a part represents the whole
This 1666 event ended the plague
This tax meant to pay for war resulted in many buildings making renovations
This revolution had no bloodshed and instituted William and Mary on the throne
What is the -ism when a country takes over many swaths of land, something Britain did a lot of
This period named for its king lasted from 1901-14
What is the name of the fellowship of scientists led by Issac Newton
This caused Britain to lose the American colonies
This treaty ended World War One
A a patato blight in this country killed 1 million
This architect rebuilt London after the fire
This king is refered to as 'Mad King *Name*'
This was the dominate form of literatures in the 1800s, it is not real
Which term is defined by 'short witty sayings': A) Epigrams or B) Epithets
This is what you call a poem of praise about a desceased individual
This is literature that teaches
Darwin's theory that organisms live or die based on traits
This king opened theaters and let women be actors
This lasted from 1914-18 and left the population shattered
What is it called when a speaker speaks to an unknown listener
This is when you poke fun at serious issues. Used by SNL a lot
This form of writing is jumping from topic to topic and was used by James Joyce
The Easter riots happend in 1916 and were part of this country's independence

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