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Can you name the 100 Worst Atrocities in Human History? *READ NOTE*

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#1) 66,000,000 Dead in this 1939-1945 war
Tied for #2) Ravaged Euraisa
Tied for #2) Chinese Communist leader
#4) Famine that decimate the population of this Asian Subcontinent
#5) Collapse of one of China's greatest dynasty
Tied for #6) Chinese Civil war from 1850-64
Tied for #6) USSR Dictator responsible for five year plans
#8) Exploitation of Africans from Arabs for comercial reasons
#9) Turco-Mongol conqueror from 1370-1405
#10) Comercial exploitaiton of Africans by Europeans
Tied for #11) Became prevelant after 1492
Tied for #11) Major war from 1914-18
#13) Rebellion against Tang Dynasty 755-763
Tied for #14) Chinese Dynasty from 9-24
Tied for #14) Former Central African state from 1885-1908
#16) Asian Civil war from 1918-20
Tied for #17) Central European war from 1618-48
Tied for #17) Fall of Chinese Dynasty ca. 1340-70
TF #19) Fall of large European empire ca. 455
TF #19) Asian Civil war in this country from 1927-37, 1945-49
#21) Messianic uprising in Sudan from 1881-98
#22) Russian Famine from 1598-1613
#23) Sixth Mughal Emperor
#24) South East Asian Conflict from 1959-75
#25) Chinese period from 189-280
#26) European Wars from 1792-1815
#27) African war from 1998-2003
TF #28) Ancient Roman bloodsport
TF #28) European War from 1337-1453
TF #30) Christian Conuest of Middle East from 1095-1291
TF #30) French period of civil infighting between Catholics and Protestants
Tf #30) Despotic Russian Tsar from 1682-1725
TF #30) Asian War from 1950-53
TF #30) Asian communist country led by the Kims
#35) War in Northeastern African Nation from 1955-2003
#36) Ethnic cleansing in Eastern Europe following WW2
TF #37) Chinese Peasent Revolt from 1120-22
TF #37) Ethiopian communist leader from 1974-91
#39) Cambodian Communist Regime from 1975-79
TF #40) Chinese period of war from ca 475-221 BCE)
TF #40) European war from 1756-63
TF #40) African conqueror and leader of the Zulus
TF #40) Ethnic Cleansing in East Pakistan in 1971
TF #40) Asian war from 1979-92
#45) Period of ceremonial human sacrifice in this mesoamerican empire
TF #46) Despotic emperor of China From 221-210 BCE
TF #46) Slave Revolts against an empire from 134-71 BCE
TF #46) Collapse of this mesoamerican empire from 790-909
TF #46) Religous war between Catholics and Cathers in Southern France from 1208-29
TF #46) Religous uprising between Han Confucianists and Hui Muslims from 1855-73
TF #46) Mesoamerican revolution from 1910-20
TF #46) Ethnic civil war between Nigerians and Biafrans from 1966-70
#53) Genocide of Tutsis in 1994 in this country
#54) Asian hegemonial war between what is now Myanmar and Thailand
TF #55) Mongol Invasion of the Middle East under this grandson of Ghenghis Kahn
TF #55) Civil War in this southeastern African nation from 1975-92
#57) Fench Conquest of this North African country from 1830-47
#58) The second war between Rome and Carthage from 218-202 BCE
TF #59) Eastern Roman emperor from 527-65
TF #59) War between Southern European and Eastern African nation from 1935-41
TF #61) Roman war of conquest against this Germanic people
TF #61) The Chinese conquest of this Southeast Asian country from 1407-28
TF #61) The war of succession in this Western European country from 1701-13
TF #61) The 1980-88 war between these two Middle Eastern countries
#65) American war over slaves
#66) Religous rebellion between the Han and Hui from 1862-73
TF #67) Wars of conquest between Sui China and Goguryeo
TF #67) War between China and Dzungars from 1755-57
#69) War of independance in this North African country from 1954-62
TF #70) 336-325 BCE Macedonian Conqueror
TF #70) War between Muslims and Hindus in 1366
TF #70) Clash between Russian and Tartars in 1570-72
TF #70) 1740-48 war of successions in this Central European Country
TF #70) 1877-78 Clash between Turks and Christians
TF #70) 1947 Ethnic cleansing in the Asian Subcontinent
TF #70) 1975-94 Civil War in this Southwestern African
TF #70) 1979-86 bush war in this Central African country
TF #70) Chaos in this East African coast country since 1991
#79) 1864-70 hegemonial war in South America
#80) 1870-71 hegemonial war between France and Prussia
TF #81) First war between Rome and Carthage
TF #81) 73-63 BCE war between Rome and Pontus
TF #81) Oliver Cromwell's 1649-52 Invasion of this Emerald Isle
TF #81) 1810-21 War for Independence in this mesoamerican country
TF #81) 1791-1803 Slave revolt in this Caribbean country
TF #81) This 1919-22 Greece vs. Turkey war
TF #81) The 1965-66 idealogical purge in this Asian nation
#88) 1945-54 war between France and Viet Minh
#89) This 1682-99 war between the Turks and the Holy League
#90) This 1700-21 war of Sweden vs. Russia, Poland, Denmark, etc.
TF #91) The 1936-39 Civil War in this Western European country
Tf #91) The 1975-92 postwar period in this Southeast Asian country
#93) 1895-98 Revolution in this Caribbean country
TF #94) 1990-2003 sanctions against this Middle East country
TF #94) Religous uprisings in Palestine agasint Rome
TF #96) This second 480-479 BCE war between Greeks and Persians
TF #96) This 91-88 BCE civil war between Romans and Italians
TF #96) This 1854-56 international war against Russia
TF #96) This 1971-79 Ugandan warlord and dictator
TF #96) This 1979-2003 Iraqi dictator

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