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Eponymous county and river
Is the ___ most populated city in Michigan
Became the first city to install these sidewalk ramps in the 1940s
City Nickname
First Europeans in the Area traded this commodity
Civil War President that spoke in Kalamazoo in 1856
Home Improvement star arrested for drug possession at Kalamazoo Airport
Former Hillary Clinton Aide Born in Kalamazoo
Yankees Shortstop that went to high school in Kalamazoo
What Glenn Miller has in Kalamazoo
Jamaican Capital that serves as Sister City
Major University that's part of the MAC 12 (whose colors are this quizzes' design coloring)
One of these natural disasters struck in 1980
Ride sharing group that employed shooter in 2016 shooting
Home to many of these craft beverages, example of which is Oberon
City that guitar brand founded in 1902 was founded in
Former headquarters of Checker Motor Corporation, which made this type of fare based transport
Headquarters of this surgical device manufacturer

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