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Aend of a shoelace
Ba male companion; boyfriend
Cproper name of the tail bone
Dobsession with killing
Ea state of happiness or excitement
Fnot to be taken seriously; sarcastic
Ga manual for black magic
Hproper name of the big toe
Inot yet finished; just begun
Jknowledge aquired through meditation
Ka small anchor
Lto turn to stone; petrify
Ma curse
Nwicked or villainous
Oname of the number sign
Ppale, faint, or wan
Qa predicament, dilemma, or quandary
Rpertaining to, or producing, laughter
Sa sudden, violent gust of wind or scream
Ta pipe, funnel, or chimney for smoke
Uact of burning or being burned
Vtruthful, honest
Wto dwell or abide
Xfear of the unknown
Ymustard gas
Zan athiest or unbeliever

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