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Many collagenous fibers with chondrocytes; found connecting ribs to the sternum and on the ends of joints
Multiple Layers of flattened cells found in the epidermis
Non-striated, involuntary contractile tissue found in hollow organs and blood vessels
A hard connective tissue composed of osteocytes and a calcified matrix
Connective tissue that holds organs in place, forms the basement membrane of epithelia, and surrounds blood vessels and nerves
Striated, involuntary contractile fibers connected end to end by intercalated disks; found in the heart
Cells are specialized to change shape; found in the urinary bladder
Connective tissue with liquid matrix that transports gases and aids in immunity and fighting infection
Single layer of cube-shaped cells good for excreting and absorbing; found in the ovaries and kidney tubules
Specialized connective tissue that stores fat
Single layer of elongated cells; found in the digestive system
Single layer of thin flattened cells found in capillaries and air sacs of the lungs
Excitable cells capable of sending chemical signals (neurons) and support cells (glia)
Fibrous tissue found in the outer ear; sometimes called yellow cartilage
Striated, voluntary contractile tissues found attached to bones
White fibrous tissue with chondrocytes found between the vertebra and in the symphysis pubis
Tissue dense with many collagenous fibers; found in ligaments, tendons, and aponeuroses
Single layers of elongated cells; usually lined with cilia and found in the reproductive and respiratory tracts

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