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Forced Order
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DefinitionsForm of Government
Government in which a ruler possesses absolute power
Representative democracy
Government in which the clergy rules or in which a god is the civil ruler
Government in which the political power is retained by all the people
Rule of a group by the father or male heir
Government rule by the wealthy or upper class
Rule by a few
Government in which the powers of the monarch are limited and defined by a constitution
DefinitionsForm of Government
Union of several states under a central government, with individual states retaining specific power under the central government
Autocratic rule; the ruler maintains absolute power. Government in which a dictator may possess oppressive power
Rule by one person who has total control over all others; dictatorship
Society ruled by women, with descent and succession being traced through the female's line
System in which a highly centralized government is controlled exclusively by one party and maintained by political suppression. Opposition parties are not tolerated. All aspects of
One-party system of government with individuals subjected to the control of the state often by secret police, censorship, and government control of finance, industry, and commerce
Medieal system in which vassals received land holding in exchange for military or other service and homage to their lords
Sovereign control of a government by a hereditary ruler, such as a king or queen.

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