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Forced Order
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DefinitionsCore Concepts
Land, Labor, and Capital
Government system in which one person or group of people has total control over the govt and lives of people
type of government in which leaders are chosen by the citizens
System in which the govt controls production and distrib of goods in a country. Key industries are controlled by the government on behalf of the people
Measure of the level of existence that a group of people enjy
Government ruled by religious authorities
Loyalty and devotion to one's own nation or ethnic grouop; the idea that the good of the group can best be served by independence
System of government of the Roman Catholic Church of which the pope is the supreme head
Belief that government should not interfere in the operation of provate business; instead, the natural laws of economics should function unhindered
economic policy in which a nation attempts to profit by exporting more than it imports; economic policy associated with imperialism
Conversion to or adoption of western traditions or techniques
Government having hereditary chief of state with life tenure and powers varying from nominal to absolute
Government by a few or a small grouop
Employing acts or threats of violence, often used as a political weapon to bring attention to a group's goals or to achieve those goals
Political systme in which the people participate in the making of their own laws or select representatives to make the laws
Political, economic, and social system in which land is the source of power; land is controlled by lords who grant its use to vassals; it is worked by peasants; lords swear loyalty
DefinitionsCore Concepts
Prejudice based on the premist that one's own culture is superior to all others
Attempt to kill an entire ethnic group
Act of deliberatly breaking human-made laws regarded as morally wrong or contrary to natural law
System in which economic goals are set by government officials
National policy of conquest of regions or peoples for the purpose of extending political and economic control and of exploiting the resources of the region or people
System in which a farming community shares ownership of land and farm machinery
Political situation in which one person or small group of people have absolute or nearly absolute control
Term used to describe changes in societies and world economy that are the result of dramatically increased trade and cultural exchange
Movement or attitude emphasizing strict and literal adherence to a set of basic principles
Economic system in which private individuals own and control the production and distribution of goods and wealth in a country
National policy of establishing settlements of people who remain under the jurisdiction of their native land in distant lands; generally done for economic exploitation of the regio
System of beliefs or set of ideas
Rights identified as being held by all persons by birth by virtue of belonging to a civil society
Basic principles and laws that determine the powers and duteis of the government and guarantee certain rights to the people in it
A social, economic, and political system in which the means of production is owned collectively rather than by individuals and the government and class system is supposed to disapp
Economic system that has features of both individual and government control

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