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What is the name of the student that shot Jimmy?
What is the name of the energy drink that Emma promoted?
What is the name of Mia's child?
What school burns down, whose students then came to Degrassi?
What is Adam's birth name?
Who did Liberty get to preform at Degrassi's prom?
What is the name of the internet predator that was e-mailing Emma?
Who tapes a topless video of Manny?
Who rapes Paige?
What is the name of Fiona's abusive ex-boyfriend?
What song on Craig's album did he steal from Ashley?
What is the name of Joey's daughter?
Where does Manny find Darcy cutting herself?
Who does Johnny send Alli's naked pictures to?
What drug does Ashley take, that caused her to insult her friends?
What is the name of the underground school newspaper Chantay creates?

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