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Mentally believes he is a character from a 1941 horror movie.
The King of Street Smarts.
He knows about a hearty breakfast.
A 'fayah t'communicate' could lead to an introduction.
A lifeless block of unprocessed lumber.
The leader of the AFFF and most commonly prone to helplessness.
Was an original member until he turned out to be a sexual predator.
This wheelchair bound cry-baby was forced to stay wit hthe AFFF and promised that he waould 'Have some fun'.
Made a poor halloween costume choice of a box with no eye holes, and beaten into a coma.
Member by default who only desires a good wiping from time to time.
Long-Armed, Grey-Skinned man with a massive upper body.
Although he brutalized Braden in a massive beatdown, Braden still keeps an unoccupied room for this shadowy assassin.
Regardless of digestability, he will always let you know what he cannot eat.
Upon any physical altercation, this yellow shirted foll with lauch an anonymous monkey wrench and take off out of sight.
When in costume, this openly homosexual man wears a sandbox lid on his back.

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