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This ... woman... is Ready Anytime!
New York native who informed us all that contrary to popular belief, a New York Minute is only... 60 seconds.
Who? ____ _____! Who? ____ _____! Who? ____ _____ dot cahm!
His face of fear became classic as the reaper placed a finger on his forehead. Mikal still misses him.
Large Purple Mcdonalds Mascot. 99% chance that this guy is wanted in at least 28 states for inappropriate contact with a minor.
Blind African American Klansman who finally showed his face after writing many books on White Power.
Leader of T Power. He is constantly feeling pity for fools and eating balls.
Moon-Headed, Ray Charles Wannabe Mcdonalds Icon.
Was the victim of an ultimate prank call, where he marched up to the 'girl' that called him, asked her out, and was completely humilated when she said she would never call him..
For one so tough, he spent 15 movie minutes unconscious from a broken chair.
DescriptionList Member
The most whiny WWE Legend ever. Highest rating and no one wants him because of weekly cries for title shots.
This idiot was over-excited to receive ___ _____ ___ on his Sears Purchase. He verified with a massive thumbs up.
Tough talking Damon's chatter who couldn't decypher that the only other person in the restaurant must be the one he is talking to.
Buhlt hult hult! I knew that was you boys there knockin' on da doowr! buhult hult!
Fertility God Statue. Nick Beam amputated his 'member' after breaking and entering.
Drunken librarian with a protective, yet suspiciously sexual obsession,with crickets
This bulbous idiot couldn't handle the In Ring action, so he attempted a Slasher movie franchise. It took 9 sequels to turn a profit!
This Dr. Seussian is the only known cook who is side employed as a plungerless plumber for the same restaurant...DURING THE SAME SHIFT!
Womanly chested man, who enjoys losing his breath and getting knocked out by old ladies walkers.
Useless man who constantly wanted Mike to 'Tell him t' quick pickin' on mae!'
DescriptionList Member
Dufus who tried to win an FYE Gift Certificate by claiming Pink Floyd was a Rap Group.
Per MySpace, this Autobot wannabe is Cregnis' best friend.
Fatso who hit his peak in his career the day he put on a scream mask and 'floated' around a Big Pun video
Mythical character who has had unfortuante run in's with Jay & Silent Bob, Bradshaw and Mark Pennington.
This Aussie is known virally as the Proud Pedophile. He also chants, 'NO!' and accuses interviewers of being rapers.
7 foot tall imbecile. full purple/white spandex, white fro and a side-reversible eye patch
Simply put... He is the Golfing Rabbi.
This prodigy knows he could have taken State if the coach would have allowed him to demonstrate his ability to lauch a football a quarter mile.
Losah who wasnt able to perform in the gym, after Mike matched him, because he had worked too hard the other day.
He can tough talk and deliver one hell of a Grizzly Shot...but um...that's all he's got.

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