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Forced Order
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DescriptionList Member
Cowardly Lion who refused to face his insulter, while he was shopping for ice-cream, as the assailant came ever so close and delivered multiple 'faaag' insults.
This large blue beast was the victim of an upgraded 'Left for Dead' outing, which redefined the meaning.
She can't believe they don't know that there is a murderer on the train...Bingo Bastards!
If Luc Sevard would find this bad mother, Mike would finally get custody of his son.
One man football team and battles in lightsaber duels...with pencils. He will NEVER tell you that he is a spy.
Nickname of this Easton Bat toting coward.
This man redeemed himself in the ring by delivering at least 100 weak clotheslines to defy Father Bousch.
Old man in Boston Market who was trash talking a newspaper, yet staring...at us.
Leader of the Nazarene. Spent most time is a filthy Pondering Room.
DescriptionList Member
Attempted to run for President and received less than 1% vote. Refused to drop out.
Clueless old broad who knew that Senator Luhrman was meeting students.
Raging pervert who jumper out of a chair witha 'dishplate' on his jeans.
Accident prone wrestler who couldn't make it through the ropes.
He was bobbing up and down with Festival Food bags along Route 79
Son of a Pink Panther leader and looking for a 'Spot'.
Was under the impression that a bunch of KGB dropping from the sky were 'my friends'
Alumnist, turned Mayor of Snook
Barbarian loser from a Dutiel storybook. Housed with the Goonies in the No Mercy Era.
This American Flag boxer wearer will personally see to it that he will not be terrorized.
DescriptionList Member
This low-blowing, Hades Warrior, couldn't drive a stick to save Hades.
Not only is he 1/2 of the Wet Bandits but he is the master of the scream. Suffers from sever foot pain.
'Oh...he's looking at you. Will I make steaks outta ya?!'
Designed hideous turquoise shoes for the valued members of Team Nazarene.
Tough talking villain who could barely survive a fall down the stairs due to severe bone breakage.
Obese, crack flasher that claims to have been beaten by kids via bookbags.
Elderly Thief who tried to storm out of Big Bear at .073 MPH with a cart full of groceries.
Large Green dinosaur who got beat up by Hugh Grant & Tom Arnold.
This anonymous website poster always closed his message with a 'Love ____ ____'
Jheri Curled oddball who was way too excited for Science.

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