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Forced Order
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Mike's favorite type/category of movies...currently writing reviews for them
The game that occupied a bulk of our time due to all of the custom created wrestlers
Mike tricked this 'toker' into believing that an extremely weak toe hold, was actually most brutal
This dude claims Mike was never a lifelong friendship after Mike was unable to answer the phone during his voicemail rants to 'Helllloooo, pick up the phoooonee..'
A losah from Mike's Toronto days. Also refered to as the Russian Boxer
This ex-friend used to lie about being handicapped to get Mike to work for him; then come back in talking about going dancing
Courtesy of Mike, Janice Weeyumson had these arrive at her home, blare the horn and cause her to yell in a fit of rage
After weeks of dumping his soda in this man's vehicle, the idoit gave chase...and what a poor chase it was
This was the greatest mode of SVR 2006, 2007, but went downhill after '07, so...he stuck with '07
This old man gave a few poor demands to Mike after a few twigs were placed in his dumpy yard. He gave a poor chase.
When he lived in Toronto, rather than 'egging', Mike went ________
Favorite scene in Last Boy Scout is when this actress gets shot up violently
He would use this to cook burgers anytime of the year. Even in the snow
Other than having his son, this woman was Satan's gift to Mike
In 007 Goldeneye, Mike enjoyed walking up to this Mauler-like man, and placing a bullet in his head
This pizza shop owner came close to a Kidwellish beat down after delivering a purple cheesed cold burnt stank pizza.
Worked at this prestigious grocery chain during his High School days
Mike's favorite bright green shirt was from this label brand
A group of losahs that Mike used to write about in High School
Mike blurted an uncountable number of 'F' bombs at a man for not allowing him to merge onto the _____
Mike dropped one of these onto Ron's back during their historical debacle
Mike followed this woman, who cut him off, until she pulled over, pretended she didnt see him, and then admitted it twas her ____
Fictional character that would give people a chance to alter their past in hopes to better their future.
On most given nights, circa 2004, Mike and his roomate would normally eat this Itallian feast around midnight supper!
Mike threw one of these through a screen and caused traumatic damage through Sarah's High School years.
Mike delivered the most severe beating to Ron after Mike refused to back down on his threat to meet at the ______
Next door neighbor who occassionally hosted WWF events
He was the first person to win this match type on simulation against the married leaders of Team Nazarene
Kentucky based friend who accepted his orange Chyna costume that Mike created him
This girl has the grand pleasure of being his sister
Nickname given by Heath High Losah, Gangsta Ron
This song used to play all the time in Mike's car after a viewing of Nothing to Lose
Alter persona used for writing and currently in WWE games
Mike lived with this good man his senior year
The first Grimm Tale starring Mike's demonic character
Long time crush. Started in early days of Heath High
Mike used to make these on the daily. Victims: Mac, Jerry DICKEY!, Pizza shops, Mr. Beatty, and some poor schmuck who went to Super 8 to meet an old friend
Fought endlessly to stop the tyranny of this religious cult of a team on No Mercy
The Son of Kidwell
While playing NCAA Football, on defense, Mike did everything he could to get these…especially on certain QB's
For some unknown reason, no matter what he did in the ring, while he was in this character, NO ONE knew who he was
A true freind that stuck by Mike's side through thick and thin. A Canine Collie Hero. Side note...hates to 'get a bath'
A Grimm Tale about a group of friends who pick up a girl who isnt quite what she appears...
Mike hit a rough spot and he decided to date and mate with the 'wooly mammoth'. She ended up with a guy who has an LMNO in his name
Long term relationship in high school with
Mike worked at this lowly place on the outskirts of Heath dispatching trucks
When he would have a one-on-one kicking of a certain item, this exclamation was used to have the item lauched
Mike used to walk all the way to Target, just to play this N64 First Person Shooter game
Long time nickname; no relation to Pinhead
This excellent actor had a scene once that Mike mistook for a woman's backside

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