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QUIZ: Can you name the Ultimate Video Game Nerd Quiz!!!!!!!!!?

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Finish this title: Halo: __________
The World of Warcraft Western Kingdom
What is the sand map called in Super mario 64?
The main characters first name in Assasins Creed 2
The very first video game
What food company made the game 'Sneak King'
Finish the name to this game 'Hot Wheels______!'
Who is the main character in Gears of war 1
And he fought on what planet?
The only game with a '$' in its name
Who developed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
Finish this title: NBA Ballers:__________
Can you name the only 2 letter video game?
Gen 2 pokemon that looks like a cow
The main character in Bioshock 2
Niko Bellic, Little Jacob, and Jimmy Pegorino
In Halo, what does UNSC stand for
The top selling game of 2009
Keep looking for this quiz, updating and adding more soon, type go to win

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