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Forced Order
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protagonist and one of the main characters
Romeo's cousin and the nephew of Montague
Romeo's original love (ignored him)
Romeo's father
dies from greif after Romeo's death
claims Romeo should be put to death for killing Tybalt
Threatens to 'disown' Juliet if she doesn't marry Paris
Kills Mercutio, but is slain by Romeo, also Juliet's cousin
Gives Romeo advice, and gives Juliet the potion
In charge of delivering the letter to Romeo about Friar Lawrence's plan
Romeo's Wife and the other main character
Romeo's servingman, or page
Banishes Romeo from Verona
Comical character who takes care of Juliet
Romeo's foil, and friend, in the play, also a comical character
main setteing (town)
Where Romeo is exiled to (town)
Wants to marry Juliet with consent of her father, related to the prince
Sells Romeo the poison in Mantua
gets watchmen when Romeo shows up at Juliet's tomb

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