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What units are used to measure the wavelength of light?
What is the speed of light (in m/s)?
How long does light take to travel from one side of Earth’s orbit to the other?
What shape mirror produces the best image?
What will the magnifying power be if the objective lens has a focal length of 60 mm and the eyepiece has a focal length of 12 mm?
Which way does light bend when entering a more dense medium?
How much of the entire electromagnetic spectrum does visible light entail?
What does a Schmidt telescope have that a Cassegrain doesn't?
Who proved first that light has a wave property?
What is true for the speed of light for different colors (wavelengths)?
What does the power of a telescope relate to?
What color is the longest wavelength in the visible spectrum?
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1250nm forms to what type of EM radiation?
Which form of EM radiation has a wavelength of 1250 nm?
Who first demonstrated that light is a electromagnetic wave?
BONUS QUESTION! If I have 5 apples and you have 2 pickles, how many pancakes fit on the roof?
What happens to light as it passes into a more dense medium?
Who developed the first astronomical telescope?
Who was first to show that light travels at a finite speed?
What type of mirror do Cassegrain telescopes have?
Which way does light bend when leaving a more dense material?
Which scientist 1st split light into a spectrum?
Who developed the 1st reflecting telescope?

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