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Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze fall in love to the Boss's biggest hit from the 80's
Billy Joel, in the middle of the night, is walking in his sleep in Boston with Sean Penn, Tim Robbins, and Kevin Bacon
Bruce Willis fights terrorists while the Beatles are working like a dog
Female Boxing Showdown!!!: Hilary Swank vs. Britney Spears (pre-insanity)
Weather Girls Forecast: Cloudy with a slight chance of Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith precipitation
Josh Hartnett searches for fallen helicopter in Somalia to the music of AC/DC
Shawn Colvin sings about a man who comes back to his house to find it booby-trapped by Macaulay Culkin
Drug addictions spiral out of control in Coney Island. But at least Aerosmith's in town.
Elton John provides the soundtrack to Dan Akroyd and John Belusi in those killer shades
The Rolling Stones to Al Pacino and Keanu Reeves: Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name.
HintMovie/Song Title
Simon and Garfunkel help Clarice catch Buffalo Bill. Hey, they're less creepy than Dr. Lecter.
The Cure sing about their favorite day of the week while a bunch of people go through relationship drama in London
Imagine jamming to Deep Purple's driving song while piloting the Millenium Falcon
Alex and his droogs are up for a bit of the old ultra-violence with R.E.M.
Patrick Bateman is trying to listen to the new Talking Heads CD, some song where they are singing in French, but Evelyn, his supposed fiancee, keeps buzzing in his ear
Marty McFly times travels while listening to one of The Beatles last number one singles
Mike Judge's satirical 9-5 comedy..except in this version the boss is Major Tom
Motley Crue's ode to the opposite sex, more specifically Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams
Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughan sneaking into the nuptials of Mr. William Idol
Jay-Z wants to see what you a musical about aliens and transvestites

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