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2000: He's got style and sophistication/From his haircut to his shoes/He's also a murdering psychopath/Do you like Huey Lewis and the News?
1968: Trippy voyage into eternity/And an evil without a face/A vision of the future?/It's nine years later and we don't live in space
2003: A deadly virus outbreak/The infected are no fun/It had a decent sequel/Will 'Months' be the next one?
2000: Young writer finds out the hard way/All rock stars do is whine and fuss/But what could be more awesome/Than singing 'Tiny Dancer' on a bus?
1999: His daughter really hates him/His wife is just a nag/He loves a teenage cheerleader/Look at the plastic bag
2006: He come to America/To see how we live our lives/But after he arrives here/His wife dies...High Five!
1986: He watches from a closet/A psycho get high off gas and fear/So please just walk the other way/If you ever find an ear
2006: One's undercover for right/One's undercover for wrong/Scorsese won an Oscar/It really took him that long?
1987: She doesn't want to obey her father/But if she doesn't he'll scorn her/I've Had the time of my life and/Nobody puts Baby in a corner
2001: A twisted, cyrptic thriller/ That will leave your mind a blank/About a young high school boy/And a giant creepy bunny named Frank
1973: The bad guy's a twelve year old girl/The good guys are men who fight sin/Known as the scariest movie ever/It's sure to make your head spin
1996: He pays to have his wife kidnapped/The cop has a kid on the way/His plan doesn't work out so smoothly/Look out for that woodchipper, ay!
1994: America during its most radical changes/Through the eyes of a handicapped man/But he doesn't let it get him down/Cuz he has Jenny and Lieutenant Dan
1987: Vietnam wasn't a good time/ I wish that we didn't go but/It appears boot camp was worse/If you got caught with a jelly donut
1985: Kids get chased by criminals/To a ship that hasn't sunk/It all works out in the end though/Because Sloth love Chunk!
2009: Las Vegas can be lots of fun/As long as you don't get drugged/Or steal Mike Tyson's tiger/Or kidnap an Asian thug
2009: The Nazis were very bad/But that we already knew/Why would you want to fight against/The side with a guy named the Bear Jew?
1993: An old man gets an idea/To bring dinosaurs back around/But everything goes very wrong/When the guy from Seinfeld shuts the power down
2003: This is the final chapter/Of a Three-Part epic saga/The climatic scene of this film contains/'My precious' going into the lava
2001: This surreal psychological thriller/It's hard to say what its about/There are lesbians, hitmen, and nightmares/The guy behind Winkies freaks me out

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