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Can you name the method of deaths that these characters have in common?

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Forced Order
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CharactersMethod of DeathMovies
Jenny Curran, Andrew Beckett, Angel SchunardForrest Gump, Philadelphia, Rent
Emma Horton, Sybil Stone, Edward ColeTerms of Endearment, The Family Stone, The Bucket List
Sonny Corleone, William Costigan, John DoeThe Godfather, The Departed, Se7en
Carrie White, Sgt. Howie, Jack MorrisonCarrie, The Wicker Man, Ladder 49
Dick Hallorann, Paul Allen, Agent Wesley DoyleThe Shining, American Psycho, Frailty
Colleen Hess, Vaughan, Joe BlackSigns, Crash (1996), Meet Joe Black
Brooks Hatlan, Daisy Randone, Sid WorleyThe Shawshank Redemption, Girl Interrupted, An Officer and a Gentleman
Maximus, Marion Crane, Mrs. HoGladiator, Psycho, Clue
Esther, Mitch Wilkinson, Dr. Otto OctaviusOrphan, National Treasure 2, Spiderman 2
Jack Torrance, Jack Dawson, DanicaThe Shining, Titanic, Saw III
Gaston, Charles Muntz, Hans GruberBeauty and the Beast, Up, Die Hard
CharactersMethod of DeathMovies
John Proctor, Alfred Borden, Perry SmithThe Crucible, The Prestige, Capote
Dennis Nedry, Sam Quint, HopperJurassic Park, Jaws, A Bug's Life
John Coffey, Ursula, ToadThe Green Mile, The Little Mermaid, X-Men
Snow White (before she comes back to life), Vizzini, Barkis BitternSnow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Princess Bride, Corpse Bride
Matthew Poncelet, Rupert Ames, Marcus Wright (as a human)Dead Man Walking, Law Abiding Citizen, Terminator: Salvation
Mufasa, Wicked Witch of the East, Tim CarpenterThe Lion King, Wizard of Oz, Final Destination 2
Rachel Dawes, Eddie Brock, Cody JarrettThe Dark Knight, Spiderman 3, White Heat
Nicky Santoro, Rex Hofman, Julian MartyCasino, The Vanishing, Blood Simple
Christine Brown, Harry Angel, Dr. FacilierDrag Me To Hell, Angel Heart, The Princess and the Frog
Paul Sunday, Sgt. Werner Rachtman, Cat LadyThere Will Be Blood, Inglourious Basterds, A Clockwork Orange
Private Pyle, Nick Chevotarevich, Vincent GrayFull Metal Jacket, The Deer Hunter, The Sixth Sense

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