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Can you name the search terms that appear first when you type the letter they begin with into Google (as of 7/7)?

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AOnline shopping or jungle/river in South America.
BElectronics store
CHuge database of classified ads which shares its name with late night talk show host Ferguson
DA book of definitions
EAuction website
FSocial networking site
GEmail service
HAnother email service
IFilm and television database
JColorful Airway website
KDepartment Store that tells you to 'expect great things'
LHome Improvement Department Store
MWebsite that offers directions from one place to another
NOnline Movie Rentals and Instant Streaming
OWebsite to find airline tickets
POnline radio or woman who released evil into the world by opening a box
Q'Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country' would be an example of one of these
ROffers movie rentals for $1 a night
SVideo chatting website
TDepartment store or something that you aim for
UMail Service acronym...last two words are also the name of an alternative band known for 'Such Great Heights'
VCell phone provider...can you hear me now?
WMonday, partly sunny and warm, Tuesday, chance of a thunderstorm, Wednesday....
XMicrosoft video gaming system
YVideo sharing website
ZReal Estate website

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