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Can you name the Oscar Best Picture winners by adding only one letter to the title?

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Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman try to make money buy selling wheats and oats1988
A historical drama about the final emperor of China, expected directed by Michael Bay with lots and lots of explosions1987
Ben Affleck sets up a fake movie in order to safely return goods and merchandise conveyed in a ship2012
Tony and Maria sing the classics while spiraling down a helter skelter1961
Don Corleone's mafia brotherhood honors him by turning him into an auric statue1972
Robert Redford and Meryl Streep battle inflammation of the big toe in Kenya 1985
Mel Gibson's tale of William Wallace's fight to free the Scottish and allow them to decorate their fireplaces however they wanted1995
Ernest Borgnine stars as a butcher from the Bronx whose IQ is off the charts1955
Bette Davis stars as an aging Broadway star, but one who only performs from September 21 to December 211952
Epic historical film, except there is no chariot race but a climactic display of toe touches, lunges, and other stretches (Get your mind out of the gutter!)1959
Tommy Lee Jones and Javier Bardem search for Josh Brolin and drug money, but they are all just too prideful2007
Tom Hanks plays an Alabama man who fails to get Jenny because he's way too ornery1994
The final chapter of Peter Jackson's three part epic saga: 'One Beatles drummer to rule them all, one Beatles drummer to find them...'2003
World War I epic about warfare in an American shopping center1930
A love story starring Clark Gable about a reporter who finds a socialite who loves him despite his horrible acne1934

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