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Jason Derulo's first number one hit 
Elton John says to 'Tune in and turn them on' 
Ray Charles song that ranked in the top 10 of Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time 
Weezer track that was featured in the first 'Rock Band' game 
Kid Cudi song that sampled Lady Gaga's 'Poker Face' 
Alternative band that shares their name with an '80's Cusack flick 
John Mayer song: '______ ________ I can't be free?' 
Kanye West song that features Adam Levine from Maroon 5 
Sly and the Family Stone are these 
Macho Men who want you to join the Y.M.C.A. 
Depeche Mode why should it be that you and I get along so awfully? 
The Doors song: 'Faces come out in the rain' 
Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions song ranked in the top 100 of Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time 
John Legend song that shares it name with the 1980 Best Picture Oscar Winner 
Marilyn Manson song 
John Lennon song which is also a unionizing slogan 
Band responsible for the hits 'Apologize' and 'Secrets' 
The Wallflowers can drive it home with this 
R.E.M. sings 'This one goes out to....' 
Joan Osbourne asks 'What if God was...' 
Brian McKnight's step-by-step guide to swooning ladies 
Barenaked Ladies number one hit...which ironically shares its name with the amount of time it spent in there 
Tracy Chapman needs you to do this and then she'll turn it back around 
Shania Twain song '....I run to, the one that I belong to' 
Band best known for the songs 'Under the Bridge' and 'Dani California' 
Prince's ode to his favorite car...yeah it's probably not about a car 
Chris DeBurgh will never forget the way this person looks tonight 
Nena's song, originally in German, about...Nuclear Apocalypse????? 
Band who released the single 'Face Down' 
UB40's song about their favorite alcoholic beverage 
Group best known for their 80's classic 'If You Don't Know Me By Now' 
Kellie Pickler is going out tonight in these 
The Beatles want you do this right now...over them 
Player hit from the 70's: 'There was something in everything about you' 
Dexy's Midnight Runners song known as one of the greatest one-hit wonders 
Green Day song from the album 'Dookie' 
Tom Petty song with an Alice in Wonderland-inspired video 
The Eagles holiday tune 
Sam Cooke's revolutionary song regarding civil rights 
Justin Timberlakes' single that could have simply been called 'Karma' 
2010 Eminem single featuring Rihanna 
Haddaway one-hit wonder...but you probably know it from Night at the Roxbury 
Whitney Houston's track from The Bodyguard (Did you know her debut album, simply titled Whitney Houston, had four number one singles?) 
Soft Cell's 80's smash hit, later sampled in Rihanna's 'S.O.S.' 
Led Zeppelin wants this in their classic rock song from the album 'Led Zeppelin II' 
Joy Division's song about a different side of love 
B-52's song. Tiiiiiiiiin roof! Rusted. 
Tupac's rap about his favorite state 
The Police's number one hit supposedly about a stalker 
At this period of time, there's a halo hanging from the corner of Sugar Ray's girlfriend's four post bed 
Poison learned this the hard way in their power ballad from the '80's 
Backstreet Boys song where they dress like monsters in the music video 
Tears for Fears can't stand this indescision, married with a lack of vision... 
Bryan Adams song from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. You know it's true... 
Michelle Branch song: 'Because you're _________ to me, and when I close my eyes it's you I see' 
Cascada's dance song: 'Cause ________ I feel the static' 

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