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Can you name the restaurants or hangouts mentioned in the movie American Psycho?

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...great sea urchin ceviche...(if you don't know this one..just quit because you won't know the rest)
Is that Ivana Trump?
Gwendolyn's father is buying it
Where Patrick dumps Evelyn
I need reservations for two here Jean...something romantic?
You'll be having the peanut butter soup...
He had a yacht? No, he just hung out there.
I have a lunch appointment here in 15 minutes.
This is a chicks restaurant...
If Jean can't get a reservation at Crayons, try...
Spencer wants to meet here for drinks....negative...just say no
I'm on the verge on tears because we won't get a decent table here...
I have a lunch appointment with Cliff Huxtable here
Paul Allen liked to hang out here
I may show up here so...keep...your
Paul Allen liked to hang out here
Taylor went to college here so thats where were meeting
He was into that whole Yale thing...
Ed Gein is the maitre'd here?
Where Bateman goes after 'spending time' with Courtney
And he might go here after that
Gorbachev hangs out here according to Bryce
Where Kimball clears Patricks name
Halberstram was here with Craig McDermott, Frederick Dibble, Harry Newman, George Butner,

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