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Can you name the shuffled song titles and the artist who sings them?

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Shuffled Song TitlesSong Title
Seemoon Klie Oyu
Nillrog Ni Eht Peed
Gunrint Besalt
Artist Number 1?
Ew Fondu Evol
Dure Yob
Artist Number 2?
Shuffled Song TitlesSong Title
Lal Fo Het Shiglt
Lodg Gregid
Ovel Clodknow
Artist Number 3?
Hes Voles Uyo
Meco Trothgee
Artist Number 4?
Shuffled Song TitlesSong Title
Mite Efart Emit
Slirg Stuj Anwan Vhae Nuf
Rute Scrool
Artists Number 5?
On mowan, On Ryc
Ereth Titeel Srdib
Teemprindo Nogs
Artist Number 6?
Shuffled Song TitlesSong Title
Het Reepdrent
Stemi Elki Heets
Artist Number 7?
Slat Dyarif Ghint
Geatene Medar
Artist Number 8?
Shuffled Song TitlesSong Title
Nandgic Uneeq
Kate A Cachen No Em
Amamm Iam
Artist Number 9?
Phi Ot Eb Rauseq
Eht Woper Fo Velo
Tucks Twih Ouy
Artist Number 10?

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