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Song LyricsTitleArtist/Singer
'Your eyes, I say your eyes may look like his, yeah but in your head baby I'm afraid you don't know where it is...'Jefferson Airplane
'And I've lost my light, for I toss and turn, I can't sleep at night. Once I ran to you, now I run from you...'Soft Cell
'I'm all strung out, my heart is fried, I just Can't get you off my mind...'Ke$ha
'I can't keep my cool, so I keep it true. I've got something to lose, so I gotta move. I can't keep myself and keep you too...'Kanye West
'Come take my hand, understand that you can, You're my man, and I need you tonight, come make my dreams a reality, loving me is as easy as pie...'Girls Aloud (also Arctic Monkeys)
'And I had no choice, cause I won't say goodbye anymore...'Maroon 5
'A man that surely deserves me, but I think you do. So, I cry, I pray, and I beg...'The Cardigans
'We used to kiss all night, now it's just a bar fight. So don't call me crying, say hello and goodbye...'Boys Like Girls
'Go together like a horse and carriage, Dad was told by mother, you can't have one, you can't have none, you can't have one without the other...'Frank Sinatra
'When I gave you my whole world to leave this holy, rolling track, If Only knew the day that I lose would be up to you Because you know you said forever, still I am passing throughGin Wigmore
Song LyricsTitleArtist/Singer
'But I don't know how to leave you, and I'll never let you fall. And I don't know how you do it...'Air Supply
'If I have those golden dreams, Of my yesterday I would wrap you In the heaven, 'till I'm dying on the way...'Bad Company
'I can't believe once you and me did sex, it makes me sick to think of you undressed...'Kaiser Chiefs
'It wasn't me that started that crazy Asian war, but I was proud to go and do my patriotic chore. Yes, it's true that I am not the man I used to be, Oh, Ruby, I still need some comKenny Rogers (also The Killers)
'Don't you see, please bring it back, bring it back, don't take it away from me, because you don't know what it means to me...'Queen
'It would help me to know, do I stand in your way? Or am I the best thing you've had?'Pat Benatar
'And I'm a little bit lost without you, and I'm a bloody big mess inside...'Scouting for Girls
'You need coolin' baby, I'm not foolin', I'm gonna send you back to schoolin'...'Led Zeppelin
'Said that it's not fair, How you take advantage of the fact, That I love you beyond the reason why, And it just ain't right...'Rihanna
'Don't you struggle, don't you fight, don't you worry, cause it's your turn tonight...'AC/DC

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