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That suggestive movie was not what I had meant. Really, let's keep all of our talking vertical.Olivia Newton-John
So glad you could look happily at the whole situation in light of your smoking and high fiving problem, though, you might want to cut the former and increase the latter...Alanis Morissette
I'd really rather not enlist your services... Actually, I can't even afford to roll you in designer sheets, unless Wal-Mart's counting now...Blondie
Purrr.... Purr... I love those calls to Miss Cleo, and I swear I thought the Chippendale dresser was a litter box...Queen
Would you do anything for me? How about shutting up? The last thing I want to hear are your groans.The Divinyls
Yes, you knew right. I got quite upset, and you are still my baby; you shouldn't be having one of your own.Madonna
So you were watching me and my lover kissing our hellos? Not cool. If my boss found out, I'd be dead.Suzanne Vega
Oh, I'd call you back in just one second, as soon as you stop making High School references and grow up.Gwen Stefani
That's sweet of you to say, but I'm going to desert you in about five seconds, you Sketchball...Rick Astley
My parents always told me not to hit girls... But if you really want it...Pat Benatar
Is my heart full? It sure is; the illusion of anything else was your own making.Natalie Imbruglia
Well, fine, I never liked you anyways, you teacher you!The Police
One touching one, does not make one. The only reason I came along as Spring became the Summer was because you were paying...Neil Diamond
Sweetie, just move on, I've found my own 'sancho' as you called him, and I really don't think you'd want to pop a cap in him...Sublime
Ok, look, I really don't want to hear all about your Colombian Love affairs... You're much too young to know anything about love.Lady Gaga
Oh dear, why ever did you say No, No, No? I think you should make the time, either for that or a hairdresser.Amy Winehouse
Oh, do you really think that there are some women who wouldn't try to force their partner into having kids?Ace of Base
That's just brutal. There's really no need to slash all four tires, it's not going to make me think at all. It's just going to make me get runflats next time, or hide my car.Carrie Underwood
Yeah, I'd rather not take you as you are, no offense, but seeing you crying the other day made me feel so good. So much for your softer side...Meridith Brooks
How can you get a hangover from love? I hardly felt that our relations were more than a sip of cider. You need to get a tolerance...Boys Like Girls

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