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What are the 3 most common buttons in getting to the boot Menu?
what is the domain ending for military?
What does MMC stand for?
What are the advantages of Ubuntu?
What type of school has the domain ending that we should have?
What speed for an internet connection does SJCI have?
binary code exists of what two numbers
what does CMD stand for?
what domain ending should SJCI have?
What is it called when you take apart something and then rebuild it to learn how it works
How many versions of windows?
What was the model of the first computer
How many unusable domain ending are there?
What is Ubuntu's 'itunes' called?
Why else is Ubuntu good?
The more people that are on the internet in a surburban residential neighborhood, the ______ the internet connection will be.
What is FAT?
What are the 4 basic colors in an ethernet cable?
What domain ending is used by the government?
Which key repasts the last written word in command prompt window?
WHat is the headquarters of IBM ?
How much Does Ubuntu Cost?
What was the first electronic spread sheet
Who would use a OC192 internet Speed?
What is the opposite of downloading speed?
What is the IP equal to?
What is the email client for Ubuntu
What is the max about of Ram windows 32 bit can read?
What was the name of IBM's Operating System
What does the term K-Locks mean
How many people are in our class?
What was the name of one of the first computer clubs mentioned in the movie
When did IBM and Microsoft split
What is Ubuntu's Standard Internet
What is the screen resolution of these computers
how long is a product key for an OS?
What is the distance limit for DSL?
What are your doing, if you upstream more then you downstream?
What's the term for buying parts and assembling the computer, not from scratch
Which OS has a 30 day free trial?
What does DSL stand for?
what do you type in to find the IP adress of a site?
How much does T3 cost per month?
What is it called when a computer has multiple hard drives?
The OC192 is what internet Speed?
How much ethernet cable would a sports stadium have?
What company was known as Big Blue
IP address stands for?
What material are ethernet cables made out of?
What can you put on a second harddrive, that will help speed up your computer?

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