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Where in Florida did Leslie say her father lives?
What NBA all-star was a member of the Eagleton basketball team?
Who was Ron Swanson's best man in his wedding to Diane?
What musician is Donna Meagle's cousin?
Charles Mulligan's steakhouse is in what city?
What number lot contained the abandoned pit by Ann Perkins' house?
Whose jersey did Andy Dwyer wear during his wedding?
Which city did Ann Perkins and Chris Traeger move to when they left Pawnee?
What is the last name of Eagleton's Parks director, Ron?
What is the real name of 'The Douche'?
What was Jerry Gergich's name on the Johnny Karate show?
What was Ben Wyatt's key to the city of Partridge made of?
What was the name of Mouserat's tribute song to Li'l Sebastian?
Which one of Leslie Knope's City Council opponents eventually became president of the Pawnee City Council?
What kind of building did Indiana University honor Governor Knope with the her namesake?
What kind of car hit Jean-Ralphio that won him money in a lawsuit?
What athlete did Jeremy Jamm have multiple pictures of in his house?
What is the name of April Ludgate and Andy Dwyer's dog?
When in London, Andy Dwyer thought that Buckingham Palace was what fictitious place?
What is the first name of the leader of the Pawnee Wamapoke tribe?
What hobby did Ben Wyatt take up while unemployed?
What was the name of the cologne that Tom Haverford pitched to Dennis Fieinstein?
What is the name of April Ludgate's favorite band?
What was the first name of the Pawnee City Manager before Chris Traeger?
What band did Andy Dwyer and Leslie Knope bring out of retirement for the Unity Concert?

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