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Can you name the Metroid Boss and Enemy Alphabet?

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Afinal boss of metroid prime 3.
Bfirst boss of metroid: other M.
CIt's the infamous Tug-o-war boss in Super metroid. also had a webcomic character named after it.
Dfinal boss of metroid prime 2.
Ethe 'eye' of the brug mass. shares it's name (not the brug part) with a boss in metroid prime 2...
Fthis guy, and it's cousin namihe, were a miniboss in metroid other M, even though they are normal enemies in other games.
GFinal boss of metroid prime hunters
Hthe Core-X that gives you the beam powerups.
Igives you bombs in metroid prime
JGives you space jump. 'nufff said.
KHe shoots spikes from his stomach and fingernails, or back if it is the first game. who else would it be?
Lin metroid prime 1. they show up in the impact crater.
Mthe human form of Mother Brain in Metroid: Other M.
Ngives children bad dreams. from metroid fusion
Ofinal boss from metroid fusion
PIt's a boss from super metroid, but it makes an appearance as a sort of post-game boss in metroid other M.
QFinal boss of Metroid 2. Also makes an appearance in Other M.
RHe shows up in every game but metroid 2, metroid prime 2, and metroid prime hunters. should be failrly obvious
Sdunno about you, but it gave me nightmares. the main antagonist, so to speak, of metroid fusion.
TGives you the bombs in super metroid.
Uapparently, it's a shriekbat from the pirate homeworld in Metroid Prime 3.
Vthe large lava fish in sector 3 of the Bottle Ship in Metroid: other M
Wone of the 4 types of metroids a fission metroid splits into
XThey just ARE every boss in metroid fusion.
YGives you space jump in Metroid Fusion.
Zsecond boss in metroid fusion. might wanna look at wikitroid for it.

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