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Can you name the Weapons and abilities that X, Zero, and Axl get in the Megaman X series?

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Character / GameWeaponMaverick
X / X1Chill Penguin
X / X1Spark Mandrill
X / X1Armored Armadillo
X / X1Launch Octopus
X / X1Boomer Kuwanger
X / X1Sting Chameleon
X / X1Storm Eagle
X / X1Flame Mammoth
X / X2Wire Sponge
X / X2Wheel Gator
X / X2Bubble Crab
X / X2Flame Stag
X / X2Morph Moth
X / X2Magna Centipede
X / X2Crystal Snail
X / X2Overdrive Ostrich
X / X3Blizzard Buffalo
X / X3Toxic Seahorse
X / X3Tunnel Rhino
X / X3Volt Catfish
X / X3Crush Crawfish
X / X3Neon Tiger
X / X3Gravity Beetle
X / X3Blast Hornet
X / X4Magma Dragoon
X / X4Frost Walrus
X / X4Jet Stingray
X / X4Slash Beast
X / X4Web Spider
X / X4Split Mushroom
X / X4Cyber Peacock
X / X4Storm Owl
Zero / X4Magma Dragoon
Zero / X4Frost Walrus
Zero / X4Jet Stingray
Zero / X4Slash Beast
Zero / X4Web Spider
Zero / X4Split Mushroom
Character / GameWeaponMaverick
Zero / X4Cyber Peacock
Zero / X4Storm Owl
X / X5Slash Beast
X / X5Duff McWhalen
X / X5Squid Adler
X / X5Izzy Glow
X / X5Dark Dizzy
X / X5The Skiver
X / X5Mattrex
X / X5Axle The Red
Zero / X5Slash Beast
Zero / X5Duff McWhalen
Zero / X5Squid Adler
Zero / X5Izzy Glow
Zero / X5Dark Dizzy
Zero / X5The Skiver
Zero / X5Mattrex
Zero / X5Axle The Red
X / X6Commander Yammark
X / X6Ground Scaravich
X / X6Blaze Heatnix
X / X6Blizzard Wolfang
X / X6Rainy Turtloid
X / X6Metal Shark Player
X / X6Shield Sheldon
X / X6Infinity Mijinion
Zero / X6Commander Yammark
Zero / X6Ground Scaravich
Zero / X6Blaze Heatnix
Zero / X6Blizzard Wolfang
Zero / X6Rainy Turtloid
Zero / X6Metal Shark Player
Zero / X6Shield Sheldon
Zero / X6Infinity Mijinion
X and Axl / X7Ride Boarski
X and Axl / X7Snipe Anteater
X and Axl / X7Wind Crowrang
X and Axl / X7Vanishing Gungaroo
Character / GameWeaponMaverick
Axl / X7Vanishing Gungaroo
X and Axl / X7Soldier Stonekong
X and Axl / X7Tornado Tonion
Axl / X7Tornado Tonion
X and Axl / X7Splash Warfly
X and Axl / X7Flame Hyenard
Axl / X7Flame Hyenard
Zero / X7Snipe Anteater
Zero / X7Wind Crowrang
Zero / X7Vanishing Gungaroo
Zero / X7Soldier Stonekong
Zero / X7Tornado Tonion
Zero / X7Splash Warfly
Zero / X7Flame Hyenard
X / X8Earthrock Trilobyte
Zero / X8Earthrock Trilobyte
Axl / X8Earthrock Trilobyte
X / X8Gigabolt Man-O-War
Zero / X8Gigabolt Man-O-War
Axl / X8Gigabolt Man-O-War
X / X8Avalanche Yeti
Zero / X8Avalanche Yeti
Axl / X8Avalanche Yeti
X / X8Burn Rooster
Zero / X8Burn Rooster
Axl / X8Burn Rooster
X / X8Bamboo Pandamonium
Zero / X8Bamboo Pandamonium
Axl / X8Bamboo Pandamonium
X / X8Optic Sunflower
Zero / X8Optic Sunflower
Axl / X8Optic Sunflower
X / X8Dark Mantis
Zero / X8Dark Mantis
Axl / X8Dark Mantis
X / X8Gravity Antonian
Zero / X8Gravity Antonian
Axl / X8Gravity Antonian

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