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A: Will grow up to be President.
B: A filthy scarecrow's arm.
C: Need someone else on the mat? Beat it up.
D: A stage name.
E: Rotating in his display case.
F: I kissed it at the overpass.
G: Contents of a prematurely removed bag.
H: Some of the only words truckers know.
I: Also known as eternal by some.
J: There are two of these in TMBG.
K: Between the dog and the hog.
L: Less handsome than Jim Beam, according to some.
M: Stand beneath this and scream.
N: Formerly an airport.
O: You're more this than ever before.
P: Uninteresting to a motorbike.
Q: Repeat it, please.
R: How sad?
S: Our hero.
T: Exhibits a correlation between hunger and strenth.
U: My man's skin.
V: Drop through it.
W: Nation.
X: Beatle-based pop.
Y: I'm not going to listen to you or this guy.

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