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Knight RiderWhat does KITT stand for
RoseanneName of Dan's drywall company
Battlestar GalacticaLaura Roslin's position before Cylon attack
FrasierDaphne's last name
Lost In SpaceWest's military rank
SoapCorrine Tate's husband's name
Parks & RecreationTom owned part of this club
ScrubsThe Tod's last name
DallasEwing middle son
Just Shoot MeName of magazine
Night CourtBull's last name
CSIGrissom's immediate supervisor
The OfficeDwight gives Angela this cat (she changes it)
DynastyDynasty spinoff
DexterName of Dexter's boat
WingsName of airport
The King of QueensWhen Doug & Carrie 1st met,Doug's job
The SimpsonsSimpson's dog's name
Miami ViceTubbs' first name
CommunityName of college
Caroline In The CityCaroline's job
Ren & StimpySuperhero on the show
Wonder Years Kevin's dad worked for(before his own business)
Cosby ShowCollege Sondra attended
Malcolm In The MiddleMalcolm's last name
Welcome Back Kotter Name of high school
CheersWhat is Kelly's middle name
The Love BoatReal name of the cruise ship
TitusHow does Titus almost die
All In The FamilyBunker's address
Brady BunchBrady's cat's name
Growing PainsMike's best friend's nickname
Mary Tyler Moore ShowCall letters of tv station
Andy Griffith ShowWhat state was Mayberry in
Dick Van Dyke ShowRob wrote for what tv show
TaxiName of taxi company
Family TiesCollege Mallory attended
AlfAlf's name on Melmac
NewhartName of Dick's hotel
3rd Rock from the SunTown where they lived
MASHPotter's middle name
FriendsMonica's boyfriend's name when series started
WKRP in CincinnatiWKRP's mascot
St ElsewhereReal name of hospital
ArcherCyril's job title
CoachPro team Hayden coached
South ParkSouth Park elementary's team nickname
Beverly HillbilliesBeforfe Beverly Hills,town where the Clampetts lived
Barney Miller Barney's immediate supervisor
The MiddleTown where series is set

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