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Can you name the 5-letter words in this word ladder that goes on a trip with your Significant Other?

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I Love My S. O. and also Know the RightAnswer
You and your Significant Other board Amtrak, the government-owned ______.
Did you leave anything at home?
(Your ''_____'' keeps working.)
Your Significant Other wants to ____ your hair.
You wonder at the ______ of bottled water available at the first stop.
Food on these rides is always so ______.
You ask your Significant Other to play a Sporcle game, but you get a _____ look.
You mutter about pirates and walking the ____.
Ahh, your next mode of transportation,
a 747 _____.
Your Significant Other hopes it was constructed properly at the Boeing _____.
You discreetly remove your hair _____.
Entertainment on the plane is a choice:
the TV show ''In ______ Sight''....
..... or the loud music of an Indian rock band called ______.
You arrive at your first stop; Madrid is its capital.
Lance Henriksen's movie ''Final _______''
is playing near your hotel, but ....
... your Significant Other has tickets to see gold medalist ______ Johnson in a gymnastics show.
Uh, oh.... you probably shouldn't have
_____ your boredom by playing
Sporcle on your iphone.
I Love My S. O. and also Know the RightAnswer
For punishment, your Significant Other wants to have your head ______, but you suggest ....
..... a walk down to the ocean's _____.
You _____ your food with some pretty fish.
AACCKK! Get out of the water! It's a hammerhead ______!
Your Significant Other had scratched a sore on
their _____, and maybe the bloody leg
attracted the predator.
______ goodness you're both okay....
.... but you ______ it's time to move to
your next destination.
It's your anniversary, and your glasses make a
''_____'' sound as you toast each other.
After a long plane ride, you arrive at your 2nd stop; Beijing is its capital.
Too much sun: your lower faces are burned, especially your _____
You probably shouldn't have worn shorts:
your ______ are red, too.
Does the sun always _____ here?
You don't want to _____, but
your whole skin hurts.
You plan the last leg of your trip
______ you are recovering.
You and your Significant Other end your trip in Santiago, the capital of ______. You start thinking about another trip....

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