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Quiz Updated Jan 15, 2012

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Clue4-Letter WordNo.
★ Proverb: ____ + [rung 7] + [rung 13] + [rung 15] ★1
Greasy; covered with grease2
American actress ____ Tomlin3
Roman historian Titus Livius' nickname4
Happening now; not on tape or prerecorded5
Small, greenish-yellow fruit6
★ Proverb: [rung 1] + ____ + [rung 13] + [rung 15] ★7
Wear out; exhaust8
Saying: Where there's smoke, there's ____9
1993 movie with Tom Cruise: ''The ____''10
Thin layer or coating11
Make full; put into a container12
★ Proverb: [rung 1] + [rung 7] + ____ + [rung 15] ★13
Saying: All's ____ that ends ____14
★ Proverb: [rung 1] + [rung 7] + [rung 13] + ____ ★15

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